Five Things U May Not Know About Elves

Mario Evon strikes again with Five Things U Didn’t Know About Me. So here are Five Things that I doubt people know about me. Even if you know some, I don’t think you know all 5.

1. I Have A Cold Side

Most people think I am warm and fuzzy or at least shy. I do however have a very decisive side that will pare my nose, spoil my face and make my point in one fell swoop. Usually my decision seems sudden and those affected are usually caught unaware. Fact is I have been wrestling with the decision for a while. I have thought it through. I have weighed the pros and the cons. I do all of this silently and I suppose this is the deadly part. One day I will say “This is not working for me” or “This is the last conversation we are having”  or “I will no longer require your service.” I will bear the pain or any other discomfort at this point. It isn’t really coldness, it is being misunderstood and at that point I may not care to explain. This side rarely rears its head but whenever I see it I shudder or rather shiver.

2. I Can Sing (Kinda)

Not a professional and in desperate need of vocal training, I can still sing fairly decently on most days. I have done solos at family weddings, funerals and sometimes on the Staff choir. I’m told that I have elicited goosebumps and of course shocked the wits out of some people. Unfortunately, I don’t believe I’m as good as they say and because I’m a perfectionist I don’t like to display things I don’t feel I have mastered. To hear me at my best you would probably have to be beside me during Praise and Worship at church or maybe if you are passing my shower on a good day.

3. I Love To Dance

Like my friend Mario, I love to dance but even he has never seen me in action. Dancing is freedom. Unfortunately, most of the places where dancing is the thing to do is full of people, noise, cigarette smoke and a host of not so cool things. I like people but a few at a time with my introverted self. For some reason hotel discotheques disarm me and I dance with no abandon whenever I am there. Otherwise it’s my living room or bedroom. Again I shock people because of how quickly I pick up moves, the fact that I can move or just the fact that I keep rhythm.

4. I’m A Fashionista without the Wardrobe

I looooveee fashion. I actually have a few sites where I watch the trends and just love to see what is emerging and what is hot. This is not necessarily reflected in my wardrobe but I will “tun’ mi han’ an mek fashion” as we say in Jamaica as I can sometimes skillfully juggle the clothes and accessories I own to make my own EC styled outfits. I’m usually happy with my fit outs but I’m not sure everybody will be. It’s like art.

5. I Like to Sew

I was reminded of this when I was mending something this week. I can’t make patterns and sew a skirt just so. I actually like to sew with my hands. So things like embroidery and recently I have been thinking of taking up crochet for which I only know the basics. It’s actually quite calming and a tradition for the women in my family. I threaded many a needle as a child for the older women. I plan to make doilies and embroider “I love Grandma” on my grandchild’s chemise. :D
Those are my five. As an introvert this feels downright icky but hey sometimes you gotta crawl out of your shell.

  1. zarabee said: Really nice!!
  2. marioevon said: I love hotel discos too. All the tourists make you look like the best dancer ever! Ha.
  3. nynos81 said: This was awesome E!
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